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Permian High School is located in Odessa, Texas. The school opened in 1959 and got its name from the geological formation which underlies the region... the Permian Basin. Permian is a public school in the Ector County Independent School District, and our student athletes compete in events governed by the University Interscholastic League (U.I.L.). We have several sports programs that feature the many talents of our students.
Many opponents have been introduced to the 'MOJO' of the Permian Panthers. Over the years, we've been the 'Pride of Pantherland' and the 'Mighty Mojo'.  We've lived in 'Mojo Country' and MojoLand as part of the 'Mojo Magic' and Mojo Nation. In this global age, we welcome you to our world, rich in tradition... Welcome to planet p.
What's Happening


50th anniversary for mojo state champs

baseball camp


frenship 7, permian 6

  • Tickets Going On Sale

  • Reunion With Conaway

  • Mojo Baseball Camp

  • Volleyball Golf Tourney

  • Softball Bi-District Champs

Events for the Month of July
July 4
Independence Day
July 20
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July 20-22
Permian Volleyball Camp

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